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Navy Seals Home This site is dedicated to the film Navy Seals and the characters of James and Claire Michael Biehn and Joanne
              Whalley-Kilmer(portrayed by Michael Biehn and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer).

Navy Seals was originally filmed with many more James/Claire scenes.  Unfortunately, the whole subplot about her family was cut.  Most of the scenes between them were also cut from the final version.  We never even get to see them kiss!  So, what would have set the movie apart from the typical no-brainer action film was taken out.  If you found the movie sadly lacking, do yourself a favor and read the book by James B. Adair. 

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Navy Seals logoI have endeavored to acknowledge all copyrights.  Video footage/scene captures were obtained via VHS tape and/or DVD.   I have listed where all pictures were originally printed when known.  Some pictures were in photograph form (obtained from various conventions Iíve attended or mail order) and scanned directly by me. Songs are the property of the applicable artists, writers, musicians, & publishing companies.  If I have missed any or am in violation of any copyrights, I will remove applicable content immediately upon request.  I ask that the organizations and/or persons involved accept my sincere apologies.  I created this site as a fan of the show for other fans to enjoy. It is not my intention to infringe on any copyrights.

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